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s o r r y [01 Jul 2004|06:31pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

wow .. i haven't written in some time , and i'm not sure if i'm gonna write too much .. but summer is awesome so far except for one big thing that happened , broke my heart .. and i dont know what to do but all i can say is ..

s u m m e r '04 is off to a great start *

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sundays a bore [20 Jun 2004|08:53pm]
[ mood | blah ]

.. nothing happened today i had work like all day .. then i made my cheat sheet for french , even though we aren't allowed a cheat sheet! haha

but thanks to BRIAN FOR COVERING MY SHIFT on Thursday .. your a LIFE SAVOR!!! ahH yAY

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its been f 0 r e v e r * [18 Jun 2004|10:23pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

w0w sorry its been forever since i updated i'll try and catch you up from the last weekend *

read my life , you know you missed it <3Collapse )

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t h a t s u c k s [14 Jun 2004|09:15pm]
[ mood | angry ]

okay so i wrote this really amazing journal telling everything about the last couple days .. yah know all the hott shitt , and it got DELETED err .. so now i'm in a bad mood ..

   yah know what i really love

 - when my mom freaks out on me for not eating but then when i try to i cant cause she ate the food i made for myself .. ugh people have no consideration for other people in this house .. i feel sick

i think i'm gonna go to bed *

l0ve + hate

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s0meday , i'll be his girl * [09 Jun 2004|09:55pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Your gonna want me back , your gonna need me - one day , your gonna want me back ..

You never miss a good thing till it leaves you , finally realize that i need you .. i want you back , i need you back , gotta have you back babe , heart broken when you left my world <3 *

- Usher

.. all the things I said - I wish I never said them now <3

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a m a z i n g [08 Jun 2004|10:07pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

wow today was a m a z i n g  : i only went to school for first block which was studay hall how awesome ... then i went CAR SHOPPING with my parents .. i found 3 cars i really like : Black Jetta , Silver Honda Civic + like cream kinda JC , only i kinda ruled out the JC cause I drove it and stuff and I think its just too big for me to handle .. but omg I LOVE the Jetta and the Civic ... they are both SO NICE , I can't decide which one I want .. but i'm kinda leaning towards the Civic cause its from a real car dealership and not a used car lot thing .. and so it has a warronty and stuff which is better .. soo yahh , if you have any opions leave one and tell me which is better!

work : was really pointless i was only there 3 hours .. and i really hate when the people dont come to check out till 9 o'clock when the store is CLOSED it annoys me SOOO MUCH , err learn the times so i can LEAVE on time! thank you *

lol .. hm thats all for now

l0ve + hate

ps : leave a comment to which lay out background you like better .. this one or the old (inside out) one , i can't decide!!

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. The need is on my mind . [07 Jun 2004|04:26pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

sunday : i had to work at 12 , and i was SO tired from getting called every hour from 2 in the morning to 7 in the morning! then being woken up at 9:55! haha ahh i had to work till 6:15 and it wasn't that bad cause it was really busy so i wasn't like bored doing nothing .. but i had a 45 min break too which made it not that bad :)

after work : vist :) which made me happy , i missed hanging out haha not like we hadn't hung out in a while but stillll   ..   haha , taylor lost her cell phone yestday which was horriable :( made me want to CRY! haha .. so last night was just pretty layed backk ..

i had my nightly phone call which i always love , even when we dont talk  lol  . then it was off to bed for me a lil early cause i was wicked tired .. and then my sister called at like 1 something and wanted me to pick her up but  i was like dead tired and she got mad and hung up .. all well

monday : school was boRing just like everyday !

studies : if mrs cunningham repeated herself anymore i'd shoot myself , man that class is a drag

biology : i got a 98 on my test hell yah :) haha i love when i'm smart (at cheating)

photo : sucked ms henchy is a bitchh , enough said

math : funn we worked on stuff with partners .. and alex and sam worked together it was amazing , lol those girls make me laugh alot .. i think i got abs just from laughing in that class!! l0l , oh man ..

after school , i tanned a bit :) then made some dinner .. now i'm sitting around waiting for 6 to go to my thing for culinary ! .. yepppp :)

l0ve + hate *

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filling this out just cause i stole it from jess * [05 Jun 2004|06:34pm]
[ mood | bored ]

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babysitting [04 Jun 2004|10:50pm]
[ mood | tired ]

oh man i havent written in a couple of days but i haven't really been home and i'm not even home now i haven't slept home in two nights and i'm not sleeping home tonight :( i miss my bed!!

wed: i had to work and after work i went to cheerleading for a bit and then me and taylor went back to her house cause me and alex slept there .. thursday morning well lets see .. we had to get up at 6 holy shit who does that .. and drive and pick someone up .. which we were LATE to school for doing and then that person wouldn't bring us to school today!!

thursday : boring day i was wicked tired .. me and alex went to the mall while taylor was out with eric .. then i slept at taylors again  with alex .. and we had to ride the BUS friday morning! cause someone wouldnt pick us up even though we went totally outta our way on to pick him up!!

friday : i was sooo tired in school today all i wanted to do was sleepppp!! and thats all i wanna do now , but i'm babysitting right now and i'm soo bored , i wish i knew where i was .. yah i have no clue what town i'm in! cause i really wanted him to come over and visit me for a while , this weekend is gonna SUCK i hate everything about it , and next weekend is gonna suck even more i'm going to philidelphia .. can't spell that .. to babysit AGAIN because my dads friend really needs a babysitter for all the kids whos parents are going ot the wedding i better be getting MADDD BUCKS!! i really hope taylor comes with me next weekend cause it will SUCKKKK if i'm alone :( err , i'm bored and tired i have work tomorrow morning and sunday morning I HAVE NO LIFE because of work , my fucking god when do i get to sleep in NEVER because i have school and WORK  .  I HATE THIS . i need sleep > there for i am leaving to take a nap for maybe 45 minutes ... making a phone call staying on for however long going to sleep , while waiting for another weekend phone call :) i love those ones ..


l0ve + hate *

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why i need y0u * [01 Jun 2004|04:22pm]
[ mood | curious ]

okay if last night got any worse i dont know what i would have done , you say so many things that tare me apart but i cant get enough of you .. i've come to realize its not that you say them cause you hate me or your using me , you say them cause you need me .. i dont know why but i need you too . and i dont want this to break away or end .. just dont break my heart , give me time and give me you *

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weekend :) [30 May 2004|04:41pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

friday : taylor came over after school and we went to bobs to see when i was working .. then we came to my house and didnt do anything .. i dont really remember what we did , then we drove to her house so that she could get her stuff then we came back to my house , and we went to the movie store to get movies and we rented Cabin Fever and i bought Gothika .. and it was funn cause the guy didnt make us pay for the rented movie .. - he liked up :) haha too baddd he was fattt ... haha , it was good though . jordan and bry came over to watch the movies with us , and both of them like fell asleep and me and taylor were like OKAY THIS IS COOL . haha all welll ... then finally we went to bed only to be woken up at like 2 in the morning by my friend that likes to call me that late .. haha yahh ..

saturday: i had work and it was really boring .. like alot , haha all well .. after work i went to tays house and i slept there .. we went out to the movies and saw The day after tomorrow .. we got our tickets early so they wouldnt be sold out then we went to the mall .. there was so many people there .. taylor the n's are taking over .. haha i think they all planned to go that night .. we had a lil encounter with an annoying someone who likes to scream his friends name everytime i walk byy , yah thats cooolll .. haha hmm i bought a shirt from abercrombie which was funn .. and there were these like mexicans stalking us and talking in mexican haha when we were leaving i didnt like it ever , cause you never really know what they are saying! so then we went to the movie , it was really really INTENSE i couldnt even take it like HOLY SHIT , who thinks up this stuff .. and who is that smart to like plan it i mean its a MOVIE its FAKE but who the hell thinks it up! haha the movie got over at like 12 and we were wayyy tired .. haha we got home and dust and krystal were there .. a lil tipsy hah it was kinda funnnny  .. yahh then we went to bed and i got my nightly phone call at like 12:30 .. it was a kinda good phone call kinda made me smile kinda not .. never really know what to think ..never know whats "serious" and whats "joking" all wellll ..

sunday : i didnt have to work this morning .. me and tay went to taco bell .. then came home and cleaned the car .. then we went out to wally mart and bought me a FISH yay .. still gotta think of a name! haha then we went back to tays house and drove down to the beach .. now i just dropped tay off and i'm home i think i'm gonna go shower .. yahhhh , peace out sluts <3

l0ve + hate *


ohh yah and to the * too hotts *  wow thanks for being a bitch .. when you stop being conceided / then we'll talk .

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my new pet [30 May 2004|03:20pm]
[ mood | excited ]

what should i name my new fish .. got any suggestions .. commont and i'll take a look :)

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just kidding dont look at this [27 May 2004|09:34pm]

.. testing this out ..Collapse )

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d0 it t0 me * [27 May 2004|06:00pm]
[ mood | amused ]


" do it to me . i wanna feel you touch my body baby . do it to me . i guarantee you wont regret - let me set it out like you never had it . do it to me , talk to me . tell me how you like it . where you want it . when you all up on it . do it to me . i wnat to give it to you . we are going to make this a night to remember . "

- usher .. gotta love him *

l0ve + hate *

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it all beginS * [27 May 2004|12:40pm]
[ mood | awake ]

tuesday : school was boring .. i dont really remember it that much cause today is now thursday and i dont like to keep that much thought on school .. i just can't wait till its over

-taylor came over after school , and we just hung around .. my mom totally pissed me off cause she wouldnt buy me new sneakers for cheerleading , and it totally made me not wanna go to practice . but we ended up going and it wasn't THAT bad .. theres a lot of new freshmen from east lyme and salem .. i dunno hopefully it will be a good season . i haven't totally decided if i'm going to do competition and everything . i mean i wanna but its a long season and i dont know if i'm up to it again .. i guess time will only show ...

wed. : school was boring like always .. after school i went shopping with my mom and got two new pairs of sneakers for cheerleading .. yippie i always get my way .. haha then i came home and took a lil nap before practice , then i went to pick up racheal and we went to pratice .. it was pretty good we learned the try out dance so i was happy cause dancing is like my favorite part of cheerleading ... then on the way home i made a phone call to see if someone would come over cause they left today .. and so he came over last night for like an hour or so and we just hung out and watched some tv , yahhh knowww .... ;) .

thursday : i didnt go to school today cause i had really bad cramps this morning  ..  it was good cause i slept from 7 too like 12:15 , it felt good to sleep that much . but anyways .. i gotta go and do some cleaning and such .. i have a call in for work tonight , i dunno i kinda wanna work cause i'm not gonna get like any money this week cause i only worked sunday cause i had to take off tuesday and wed for practice .. yahh ..

l0ve + hate *

   i dont think i can take how perfect he is , i just love him !

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im d0ne listening t0 y0u , take it . [25 May 2004|04:13pm]
[ mood | grumpy ]

- i dont even care anymore , take my life away from me , have it all its what you want so much , have your fun .. i hope you choke and die .

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heart br0ken , t0day , n0t t0m0rr0w :-\ [24 May 2004|06:21pm]
[ mood | confused ]

So dont go away
Say what you say
Say that you'll stay
Forever and a day
In the time of my life
Cause I need more time
Yes I need more time just to make things right

Damn my situation and the games I have to play
With all the things caught in my mind 

 - oasis , dont go away -

. y0u break my heart a th0usand times , yet i still c0me back f0r m0re .

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[23 May 2004|06:40pm]
[ mood | happy ]

saturday : well i kinda already really wrote about it , me and taylor didnt do much .. but we had funn .. we ended up falling asleep at like 11 or 12 maybe .. and then i got another phone call at like 1:30 , i think i liked it but then again i was like half asleep and i dont remember details , but think that things are getting better , and i kinda like everything about my life right now , i dont think it could get much better and i'm so happy .

sunday : i had work today from 12 to 6 which was really really boring , i dont know how i survived! i watched some of independence day during my break cause someone left it on , i haven't seen that movie in years its kinda scary! lol .. hmm its thundering right now and i really dont like it ever , i hate thunder storms they scare me alot , and i wish *YOU* were here ... i'm gonna go though .. i think i might write some inspiring words later ..

l0ve + hate


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[22 May 2004|11:07pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

saturday : i had to get up at 9 for work today which was horrible , work was really really boring .. i didnt like it ever , and its really starting to mess up my knees cause they are KILLING me . i dont think i can take much more and i have to work 12 to 6:30 tomorrow .. just kill me now! eRR

me and taylor went to the mall today .. i got two new shirts .. haha YAY . i was really happy alot :) then we got a gloria jeans ice coffee , which totally made my daY! haha then we came home and hung out for a bit and did nothing at alll .. and then we wanted to the movies to see shrek 2 but my parents were being gaYYy . so we went to wally mart to get glue and markers for the BURN BOOK , then we went to get a movie only when we went to pay for it we FORGOT THE money at home so we had NONE at all so we couldnt get the movie , tear a lot .. so we came home and really wanted something to eat so we sat in my kitchen for like an hour trying to decide .. and finally picked taco salad and milkshakes .. haha yay .. go uss .. now we are sitting here and i'm bored and tired as all hell .. i'll write tomorrow

l0ve + hate *


 haha YOU SUCK .



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our life b e g i n s today * [21 May 2004|03:58pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

thursday : i got out of school during lunch which was great cause i only had to go to one class cause i have study hall first block , so i was really happy .. then i had to drive up to enfield with my mom to take my drivers test , i was so nervous it wasn't even funny i cried like 15 times! lol we went to lunch but i couldnt eat anything cause i thought i was gonna be sick cause i was so scared , so i had a couple of onion rings and a chicken finger , and then we went driving around a little cause i ovbioulsy didnt know the area .then when i got there to take the test i was happy to find out that there was no high way driving , which meant i had one less thing to worry about .. so after sitting for like 15 minutes i was finally called for my test , and the guy was really nice he was just like relax driving is supposed to be fun .. haha so after driving doing a k-turn and then backing in parking on the left (reason i failed the first time) i PASSEEDD! haha it was the greatest moment ever , i loved it .

so then i drove home and did homework for like an hour then had to go to work ughh which BLOWED , but thats okay

- friday : i drove myself and amy to school today in the GHETTO car .. aka my sisters car haha it was uhhh GREAT . lol it was fun to drive to school though .. school was really boring , alot i finally did my pictures for photo .. so it was great to know i finally did that knowing it was due like a month ago! haha all well ..

after school me taylor and amy went to TACO BELL yay! it was so great , then i had to go to the bank and i put in  195 $ which was also cool to know .. then i went to work and got my pay check but i was kinda sad cause its only like 65 $ after taking all taxes out :(  but its okay .. i work again tomorrow and sunday which is gonna be a long ass day but its okay cause i'm racking in the money .. but taylors here now so i'm bouncing!! peAcEe

l0ve + hate *

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